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Lakeside Curling was founded in 2002 at the site of what was formerly Lakeside Video & Bike at 4511 E. Superior St. in Duluth. We relocated in 2010 to the Duluth Curling Club at 327 Harbor Drive, inside Pioneer Hall at the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center on ice level. We serve customers in Duluth, MN and the surrounding areas of Superior, WI, Two Harbors, MN, Grand Rapids, MN Grand Marais, MN, Minneapolis, St. Paul and all of Minnesota and upper midwest.

I started selling curling equipment at the urging of my longtime friend and competitive curler Jeff Laundergan. "Bags," as we call him, told me that there was no place to buy curling equipment within a couple hundred miles and I should do it. Although I had never curled before and knew nothing about curling, I went for it. It was an adventurous first year in the curling business. I became an avid curler in the meantime, and just started my 15th year curling this year. In fact, in 2006 I threw lead rocks for Team (Dave) Running. We won the Club Nationals that year, with my friend, "Bags" as Vice Skip, and my other good friend Brad Jensen throwing second. My only regret was not starting to curl sooner!

One time during my first year selling curling equipment a curler needed a new replacement pad for his "Hammer" broom. Not knowing that the pad had two screws that held it to the head, I pulled the whole head off and replaced that! Curlers, being the generous bunch that they are, taught me as I went through that crazy year, and by the end of my first year, I knew enough not to replace the whole head piece when only a new pad was required! I also learned much more as time went on, and can help you make good choices for your curling needs.

Nowadays, equipment is becoming more and more specialized. Super light weight carbon fiber brooms, with specialized pads are not just for the most competitive of curlers anymore. The average curler wants the best, and at Lakeside Curling, they don't have to pay through the nose to get it. Fair prices and experienced expert service is what you will find. Stop in at 327 Harbor Drive and check us out during the season. You will be glad you did.

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--Tony Lasky

Owner Lakeside Curling

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